Case Report Form Design

Based on your protocol and draft Case Report Forms (CRFs), the design experts at DF/Net Research can quickly turn your study design into a form set. There is more to CRF development than simply the creation of the forms. DF/Net has experience and expertise in optimizing forms for the specific needs of today’s clinical trials. Many factors such as layout, instructions, and the study visit structure all need to be taken into consideration early on in the study development process. Since the CRFs form the foundation for the database, correctly designed CRFs are critical to the success of any study.

Case Report Form Templates

Starting from scratch can be difficult for any company. DF/Net Research can provide CRF templates for your further use and custom-tailoring. Some clients find it easier to use sample and template forms as developed by DF/Net to form a basis for their own CRF development process. Copying and pasting from our customized sample library can jumpstart new DataFax studies off the ground.

Custom CRF templates can save your organization the time and expense of building CRFs from the ground up. Our templates incorporate styles, reference pages, master pages, and other FrameMaker features to make your CRFs look professional, consistent, and most importantly, user-friendly.

Case Report Form Review

Ever feel like you’ve looked at your study’s forms once too often? DF/Net Research can also provide CRF review. An independent external review of final forms can discover problems that remained hidden through many internal reviews.

Multiple Language Capabilities

DF/Net Research has extensive experience with CRFs in many languages. We can take your translations of CRFs in multiple languages and convert them into a DataFax-compatible form set spanning all languages. Advanced FrameMaker techniques can often allow all of these languages to be contained within the same document, simplifying the inevitable downstream changes expected in any clinical trial. DF/Net Research has experience with forms developed in European, Thai, and African languages.

CDASH Standards

If conforming to CDISC conventions is your goal, DF/Net can help with providing training, templates, or fully CDASH-standard form sets, either for your own  use or as part of full data management services at DF/Net.

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