Clinical Coding

MedDRA Coding

DF/Net Research can provide MedDRA coding of adverse events, medical history, and other medical terms as needed, either as a service integrated into the management of your study, or as a separate or retrospective coding project.

From the “MedDRA Term Selection: Points to Consider”:

The Medical Dictionary for Regulatory Activities terminology (MedDRA) was designed for sharing regulatory  information for human medical products. However, unless users achieve consistency in how they assign terms to verbatim reports of symptoms, signs, diseases, etc., use of MedDRA cannot have the desired harmonizing effect in the exchange of coded data.

DF/Net fully follows MedDRA standards in order to meet your goals of harmonizing data, including providing services to:

  • Code terms using MedDRA versions 10.0 though the current releases to meet your legacy data needs.
  • Up-version your existing coding to the latest version of MedDRA.
  • Provide independent review of your existing MedDRA data.
  • Review your clinical data to ensure that it meets your study, protocol, and regulatory needs.

WHO DDE Coding

DF/Net subscribes to the WHO Drug Dictionary Enhanced dictionary to provide our clients with the industry-standard in drug coding.

From the Uppsala Monitoring Centre Website:

The WHO Drug Dictionary Enhanced (WHO DDE) assist pharmaceutical companies and CROs secure better clinical data, speed-up its analysis, and submit the results. It’s the most comprehensive and actively-used drug reference work in the world – an indispensible source of medicinal product information for drug development and safety surveillance.

Drug coding is increasingly becoming important as drug interactions are becoming more of an issue. Many of our researchers are asking more and more questions about which drugs are being taken and why. As with MedDRA coding, DF/Net can provide WHO DDE coding of your concomitant or other medications, either as a service integrated into the management of your study, or as a separate or retrospective coding project.

Our medical coding staff has coded as many as 50,000 medications in a year, and includes a MedDRA expert with over 28 years in clinical research who is a licensed Physician’s Assistant and holds a Master’s degree in Medical Science.

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