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Every study is different. From pivotal Phase III projects to exploratory feasibility studies, DF/Net provides high-quality data management solutions for our non-profit, academic, pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device clients. Utilizing DataFax’s hybrid data collection system we build proven systems that will work for your project. Whether it’s EDC in the United States, or multiple-language paper CRFs in collected from remote areas of the world, DF/Net has experience in tailoring a solution to meet your specific needs.

The DataFax data management system used at DF/Net combines the best of both worlds, supporting traditional paper-based CRFs as well as providing full EDC capabilities. Paper CRFs can be completed and scanned, faxed, emailed, or otherwise transmitted securely to DF/Net where they are received and processed by DataFax and the DF/Net data team. The power of Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) software reduces data entry time, and a one-to-one relationship of CRF image and data entry screen makes data review intuitive. Entire participant binders directly linked to the data are available for review at any time by authorized study personnel, both at DF/Net and at your organization. DataFax CRF-based studies combine the simplicity of paper with the efficiency of EDC data entry.

DataFax is fully EDC-capable as well. Sites can enter data quickly and efficiently, with full data quality control checks in place, directly into the DataFax system using either the iDataFax or web-based tools. DataFax is fully 21 CFR Part 11 compliant and its use has been fully validated to FDA standards at DF/Net. Data queries are reduced through the use of DataFax’s powerful edit check features. Sites know which form to enter when, and are reminded when forms and visits are overdue. The quality control process doesn’t stop at data entry – all data is reviewed for completeness and accuracy at DF/Net. Human review can detect patterns, problems, and data that “just doesn’t seem right”.

Even beyond EDC, DataFax allows data worksheets, source documents, and other participant records to be scanned and securely attached to any data record. Imagine the possibilities of having key documents attached to your data and available for monitors, statisticians, and other key study personnel to view.

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