Database Development

DF/Net Research provides a complete line of database development services. Either as a stand-alone service to existing DataFax users or as part of a larger data management project, DF/Net can quickly and accurately convert your forms into a validated database with form and visit tracking tailored to your study needs. Quality control is built into the resulting system based both on your requirements and specifications as well our data management best practices experience. DF/Net delivers database frameworks that are fully documented, tested, validated, and ready for use.
If eventual FDA submission is your goal, DF/Net can define studies aligned with CDSIC SDTM, simplifying the export of the database for FDA submission or other data sharing purpose. CDISC is an increasingly important standard for data sharing and data merging. DF/Net can help you move in this direction.

Not all data is clinical trial based; DF/Net can custom build a database specific to your need. Whether it be questionnaires, reader response surveys, political polling or fisheries data, if you need data collected, entered and analyzed, DF/Net has the expertise to meet your needs. The same high-quality database processes and standards that meet FDA requirements are also applied to all of our data management tasks, ensuring the best quality data for your particular environment. When in doubt, just ask, we would be glad to help or provide other resources that meet your needs.

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