Attaching Documents

DFdiscover has built-in capabilities that permit supporting documents to be attached to subject data records. These documents can be lab reports, images, DICOM recordings, etc. Connecting the data and the documents has always been a strength of DFdiscover.

But what about if you want to do this in a bulk, or automated, way? We were recently asked this by a client. If we have hundreds, or thousands, of external documents related to study subjects, can we streamline connecting the documents and the subjects?

Can DFdiscover help us? Absolutely yes, this is what we do.

Enter DFattach. The development team worked with the client to define requirements. What sort of documents? How are they identified? How many might there be?

We created a client-side executable for Windows, OS X and Linux that accepts one or more documents as input, even one or more folders of documents as input, and "imports" them into a study database, uniquely identifying each document and connecting it to the unique, referenced subject.

We delivered the executable within the client's timeframe. And best of all? What started out as a custom solution is now part of the standard DFdiscover release.