Development and Production Study Pairs

Did you know...

... that DFdiscover has native capabilities to manage development and production versions of the same study?

What is this and why is it important? During protocol definition and parallel development of the study database there can be a flurry of updates and changes. As study definition comes to an end this activity diminishes to zero and the study definition and database are prepared for "go live". Thereafter the study begins actual data collection.

The development process and test data are kept separate from the real study data collection. And then what do you do when mid-study changes are needed? Where does that test data go? How do you make it available for review and documentation without disturbing the actual study data?

These challenges are solved in DFdiscover with "linked development-production study pairs". The development study is created first. As a real DFdiscover study, it has users, permissions, etc - all the great features in DFdiscover. You enter test data into it, make modifications. Then the production study is created, first as a blank and then by pushing the desired properties from the development study to the production study. Make modifications on the development study, test, push to production, repeat as needed. You control when the development study is "pushed" to the production study.

Valuable features in the DFdiscover implementation include:

  • Review changes in the development study before pushing to production, keep a record of those changes
  • Apply development to production in one simple interface so that nothing is overlooked
  • Minimize downtime
  • Keep separate development documentation and test data cases

Development-production study pairs are available in all DFdiscover studies. Getting started is as simple as connecting to the DFsetup application with Developer Access.