EDC Platform, with Paper!

Did you know...

... that DFdiscover is an EDC platform for clinical trials?

When we started with DataFax 28 years ago, the key strength of our software was efficient data collection from paper CRFs. DataFax was a CDMS that handled one of the most critical, yet cumbersome, parts of data collection - getting clean data, quickly from paper data sources.

As technology and the industry continues to evolve, more and more clinical trial data is collected directly via EDC instruments. And DataFax has evolved with it, most prominently adding EDC capabilities, and a re-branding to DFdiscover.

DFdiscover is an EDC platform with the following all-inclusive capabilities:

  • EDC via desktop application
  • flexible, online/offline EDC via tablet, mobile device
  • EDC via web browser
  • paper-based data collection via fax, email, network scan
  • data cleaning of all data sources via legal ranges, logic checking, edit checks that are within field, across fields, across data modules, even across visits
  • supplementary document (PDF, xray, DICOM, png) collection and management
  • data import from electronic sources

And our EDC collection instruments can be simple, flexible screens, or they can reflect the detail and precision of a layout that mimics a paper CRF. And these instruments can be mixed/matched within any study.

Plus DFdiscover includes our entire suite of clinical data management tools for study definition, subject scheduling, query management, reporting and data export.