eHealth MSc Interns Making an Impact

Intersecting Health Sciences, Engineering and Business at Hamilton's McMaster University, the eHealth MSc program offers students an interdisciplinary education in the broad field of healthcare. The program includes an 8-month internship.

DF/Net Software aligns well with the program so we have been fortunate to work with some fantastic eHealth students. In the past two years, Yiguo, Joshua and James have joined our team as interns. Through their eHealth MSc education, each one of them is already well-versed in the challenges of healthcare research, delivery and management. Yiguo and Joshua have been instrumental in developing a tablet application that facilitates clinical trials data collection in offline or online settings. James has contributed his skills and energy to a web browser solution for online data collection, removing the barrier of desktop application deployment.

Internships offer students the opportunity to develop their interests while working with employers and making an impact. Employers are able to learn from, and cultivate, students and deliver real results. It is clearly a win-win!

Yiguo Sun