Employee Spotlight | Krysta Pendleton

Meet Krysta Pendleton – the winner of the November Value Award, given this month to someone who exemplifies DF/Net’s value of ‘caring’. It’s easy to see how much Krysta cares about her work and her teammates, and how those around her reciprocate this appreciation.

Krysta visiting Lithuania

Employee Spotlight

What is your role at DF/Net?

I started as a Data Validator and have worked up to the Data Coordinator role that I’m currently in. I have also had the opportunity to dabble in other areas like working with different CRF backgrounds, testing, and project set up.

How long have you been with DF/Net?

In a month it will be two years! I started at DF/Net in December 2016.

What did you do before coming to DF/Net?

My background is varied; I have worked for a golf course, retirement home, and in retail before joining DF/Net. DF/Net has shown me that I have a passion for public health, and I feel like I’ve finally found a path that I want to continue to pursue.

What do you like most about working at DF/Net?

Definitely the people. Everyone here is so nice and it makes me really happy. I never get stressed out coming to work, I’m always excited. I also like the fact that I feel like I’m making a difference and that I’m helping people. I'm always curious to see the data come in, to work with it, to process it - it’s fascinating.

What is, or has been, your favorite project?

When I first started, I worked heavily on the JEV06 study, a Japanese influenza vaccine being worked on with children ages 0-2 years old. I got to work very closely with Rose, the Data Manager at the time. I helped create the validation guide, and was able to work with the study as it tapered off and finished, so I have great memories from that.

Currently, my favorite work is with the IPM 007 and 032 studies. I’m helping to close the study which is a huge process, but it’s very intriguing. We’re getting a lot of work done, and it’s very fun to go through each process of finalizing the database.

Outside of work, what are your interests, passions, or hobbies?

I like reading, writing, playing video games, and on occasion I will go to see my sister who owns a horse up in Bellingham.

What book are you reading right now?

I’m re-reading IT by Stephen King, but I don’t know if that counts because I’ve re-read that book like five different times.

Who is your role model?

My biggest role model is probably my dad. He’s amazing – he taught me as much as I know in life, and he’s given me all the tools to get through work with the attitude that I do.