Employee Spotlight | Rheanna Summers

Meet Rheanna Summers, the recipient of the biannual DF/Net value award. This award recognizes an individual who has consistently displayed all of DF/Net’s values over the last six months (July-December 2018).

Rheanna Hiking

Rheanna Hiking

Employee Spotlight

What is your role at DF/Net?

I’m a data coordinator, which means that I assist the data managers with various tasks. For example, some of the things I do include helping set up studies, writing edit checks, cleaning data, running QC (quality control) reports, writing testing plans and testing other people’s plans as well. There’s a lot of variety every day.

How long have you been with DF/Net?

I started January 2017!

What is, or has been, your favorite project?

My favorite project has been working on a large HIV clinical trial with two different study populations. I’ve liked working on it because it’s one of our biggest studies, which means there’s tons of data coming in every day. I spend at least an hour each day cleaning data and discussing any complex issues that come up with the data manager.

What do you like most about working at DF/Net?

My favorite thing about DF/Net is my co-workers. It’s nice to collaborate with people that are easy to work with, friendly, smart, and can solve complicated problems. I also consider my co-workers friends. I’ve gone out with some of them after work to get dinner or to go hiking, and I’ve even hiked up to Camp Muir on Mt. Rainier with one of them. I like having co-workers with similar hobbies and interests.

On that topic, can you elaborate on some of your passions, hobbies, or interests?

I spend most of my time hiking, running, writing, and on nature photography. I think hiking is my biggest interest, and I’m grateful that DF/Net supports me in it. Every August I do a fundraiser with the Washington Trails Association, and my co-workers will donate to the fundraiser or check in with me about my completed mileage. It’s great to have support for the fundraiser and to have co-workers come to me asking for advice on hikes.

What is the best hike that is good for a beginner, maybe someone who just moved to Seattle?

For someone who has just moved here and has never hiked before, I usually tell them to go to Twin Falls. It’s only two miles round trip and you get to see two waterfalls. There are some stairs and hills, but you’re not going up a steep mountain so it’s not too intense for a beginner.

What is your favorite hike?

It’s not in the US, it’s actually up in Canada just north of Vancouver. It’s called Panorama Ridge, and from the ridge is a view of Garibaldi Lake.

Who is your role model?

My dad. He can fix just about anything on a car or in a house – he’s helped remodel our house, finish the basement, and our cars are always running because he could fix them. He’s a hard worker and he’s selfless. One example is that he’s driven the same truck for almost 30 years. It’s really old now and it’s never had air conditioning, and he lives in Georgia where it’s hot. And he’s done that so that my mom and my siblings and I can always have newer, safer vehicles. He’s taught us to value what we have and take care of the things we have so they’ll last.