Employee Spotlight | Clare Mengebier

Meet Clare, the winner of the Biannual DF/Net Value Award! This award recognizes an individual who has consistently displayed DF/Net values over the previous 6 months.

Employee Spotlight

What is your role at DF/Net?

Manager of Data Coordinators

What did you do before coming to DF/Net?

Before DF/Net, I lived in Central America for 2 years working as an advisor for a sustainable development nonprofit. I learned a lot working with our public health team in Nicaragua and have always been interested in data-related work so when I moved to Seattle I found DF/Net was a great combination of these 2 fields!

How long have you been with DF/Net?

2 and a half years.

What are some of the things that you like about working at DF/Net?

I love the collaborative environment at DF/Net! It’s been really interesting to work with our software development and data management teams to come up with ideas and tools to improve our software and find innovative ways to improve our services.

I also am inspired by the collaborative nature of the global health research field because it brings together nonprofits, universities, for-profit companies, and government agencies to find solutions to health and wellness issues around the world. It’s exciting to see breakthroughs in research that happen as a result!

What is, or has been, your favorite project at DF/Net?

Developing the global edit check library has been great because we got the opportunity to bring together ideas from database programmers, data managers, interns, and our software development team to create a great data management tool! It has been rewarding to see how this tool helps us streamline and automate the study setup and data cleaning process. It was also really fun sharing what we learned from this project at last year’s DFUG conference.

What are your interests/passions/hobbies outside of work?

I am really lucky to not only live close to the mountains but also enjoy a really fun city life. On the weekdays I love checking out new bands at the local venues around Seattle and on the weekends I try to get outdoors climbing mountains, hiking, etc. I recently climbed Mount Rainier which was one of my favorite Pacific Northwest adventures!

Who are your role models?

My parents are definitely my greatest role models! My dad inspires me to challenge myself and explore new ideas, topics, and ways of thinking about life. He has been an awesome person to bounce ideas off of, discuss complex issues, and go on adventures! My mom has been a great model to me as she has always dedicated her time to help and care for others. She has inspired me in my role as a manager to always look for ways I can help others learn new skills, talk through issues, and meet their individual goals.