Busisiwe Mbali Mpila

Busisiwe Mbali Mpila

Data Manager

I am so grateful that over the years of good relationship with DF/Net I am now part of them fully as I joined the team in 2019, a great opportunity for growth and team support that I am experiencing with everyone already! I had a warm welcome from everyone, even though geographically I am based in South Africa but there is never a day I feel the distance.  Great Team!

I have had the opportunity to work on studies using DF/Net software for the past 18 years, with massive and great support from the whole team and maintained good relationship and opportunities for growth.  DF/Net has offered a platform for relationships for data management across the globe through yearly DFUG Meetings - the meeting offers an opportunity for knowledge sharing and key indicators for improvement in data management aspects and software improvement updates pacing up with the evolving technology.

Through the years in my career I have managed a life cycle of data in studies internationally with the following main responsibilities: Reviewing protocol for data structure and management; development of data management tools; database programming and validation; data manipulation cleaning and reporting; development of data management plans and documentation maintenance, study initiation preparations and training; study closeout; supporting statistical analysis; project planning and management; ongoing sites support and training.

I love travelling a lot and fortunately my work presents me with the opportunity to travel. I like to socialise and share knowledge and life experiences with people and basically to learn from each other.  I am a light sleeper so I find myself working across the clock which is a plus for our global clients as I would hardly miss ant urgent email.