Lisa Ondrejcek

Lisa Ondrejcek


I am the President of DF/Net. I have enjoyed watching our company grow and develop.

I have 20+ years experience with our software and with clinical trials, as a consultant and on the client end, with non-profit and for-profit, academia, and biotech. My favorite parts include: study life cycle, study protocol, digging into data, translating the protocol into a functional database. I derive great pleasure from working with our teams, and working together across different groups, always towards the common goal of improving health. My proudest achievement is our work with PrEP and iPrEx for Truvada. I like teaching and training on the software and on CRF development.

I’ve been a member of the Board of Directors at Core Tanzania since its formation in 2016. Michael and Jeannette are long time friends, and I’ve been inspired by Michael’s story and their desire to give back to his home village in northwestern Tanzania. We’re excited to enroll the first kindergarten class in January 2020!

I LOVE to travel and I LOVE maps; I'm not certain which came first. I spend at least 30 minutes on every flight scouring over the maps in the back of the in-flight magazines. I am adjusting to an empty nest and enjoying interacting with my daughters on an adult level.