Announcing DFdiscover 2018 Version 5.1.0

Announcing DFdiscover 2018 Version 5.1.0
February 13, 2019 Eric Bosch

DFdiscover 2018 Version 5.1.0 follows the success of DFdiscover 2018. It includes several new features, including new subject scheduling, demonstration API implementations in DFweb and DFcollect, enhancements to existing features and improved look-and-feel.

Browser-based Data Collection with DFweb

DFweb is a new feature, built on top of the DFdiscover API, that offers direct data entry and review from an HTML5 capable web browser. There is no client application to install.

DFweb offers a targeted subset of features from DFexplore. DFweb is ideally suited for sites participating in a trial that are restricted from installing DFexplore, yet need to enter subject data, review subject data and respond to queries.

Online/Offline Data Collection on Android/iOS Tablet

DFcollect is a new tablet application, available for Android through Google Play, and for iOS through the App Store. Like DFweb, it is built on top of the DFdiscover API and offers direct entry and review of data in permitted DFdiscover studies.

DFcollect is ideally suited for sites participating in a trial where mobile data collection is needed. DFcollect is able to work in online and offline settings.

Subject Schedule Reporting

Subject schedule calculation and reporting has been significantly re-implemented in this release. It is now possible to view and track visitmap schedule and compliance without the need for missing page or overdue visit queries. The new Schedule View provides all of the needed information.

It is also now possible to update and filter the schedule report by a subset of subjects or sites, as well as the previously available method for the entire study.

Schedule View computes the schedule results for the sites and subjects that the user is permitted to see and needs only read permission. This is a significant advantage over DF_QCupdate which requires database write permission to report correctly.

The new Schedule View is so user friendly. I can choose and customize what I see in front of me. I can look at one subject or many. And woohoo, I can click and jump straight to a specific visit, page or issue. That feature alone saves me so much data review time.

Customizable Dashboard View

Many users rely upon DFexplore's Dashboard as their landing view after login. The view provides a quick summary of database status and activity.

Now the Dashboard can be customized to include common study reports. This feature puts needed information front and center, and reduces the time to acquire it.

Audit History available as Excel

The capability to review the change history for a data field or CRF, at the subject, site or entire study level has been augmented to include an export to Excel option. This capability is available to permitted users in DFexplore and to the study admin through the DFexport application.

The DFdiscover 2018 Version 5.1.0 release includes:

  • Server-side RPM for Linux servers
  • MSI Installers for Windows clients
  • PKG installers for macOS clients
  • ATK for acceptance testing
  • Documentation in PDF, single-page and multi-page HTML

The Release Notes summarize the key features of DFdiscover 2018 Version 5.1.0, and include upgrade notes and known issues.

For support clients, everything needed to get started is available here.

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