Announcing DFdiscover 2020 Version 5.3.0

Announcing DFdiscover 2020 Version 5.3.0
July 20, 2020 Laura Beauregard

2020/07/20: After 20+ years of use in clinical trials around the world, the goal of DFdiscover remains the same - connect people with their data by providing tools that are easy to use. Naturally DFdiscover 2020 is no different. This release leverages our experience to once again provide new features and enhancements that serve your practical clinical trial needs.

Two-factor Authentication

A DFdiscover admin can now enable two-factor authentication for any login account that has a defined email address. Once enabled, successful authentication will require a 6-digit security code, after the username and password are verified.

Subject Aliases

Optional "label" for the subject ID that we know and love. DFexplore, DFweb and DFcollect offer user preferences allowing each user to display either the subject ID (default) or subject alias.

Tabular Listings

Tabular listing reports create tables from the data that is selected by previously defined views. Each view that is permitted is listed under the Tabular Listing heading in the reports list.


New features in DFweb include:

  • Support for new subject aliases
  • Two-factor Authentication (2FA)
  • Field background colours can now include transparency

DFweb has been completely updated to Angular 8, giving better load and interaction speeds, and paving the way for more amazing updates.


New features in DFcollect include:

  • Support for new subject aliases
  • Two-factor Authentication (2FA)

DFcollect is faster due to more use of compression and intelligent caching.

Security Updates

Security updates include:

  • Failed password attempts during eSigning
  • TLS 1.2 / 1.3
  • Perfect Forward Secrecy - PFS
  • HTTP Strict Transport Security - HSTS
  • Request certificate signing by a well-known commercial CA

The 5.3.0 minor release is a complete install. It includes:

  • Server-side RPM for Linux servers
  • MSI Installers for Windows clients
  • PKG installers for macOS clients
  • ATK for acceptance testing
  • Documentation in PDF, single-page and multi-page HTML

The Release Notes summarize the key features of DFdiscover 2020 Version 5.3.0, and include upgrade notes and known issues.

The Release Highlights and Release Webinar present more detailed views of the new features.

DFdiscover 2020, DFdiscover 2019, and DFdiscover 2018 client tools are all compatible with a DFdiscover 2020 Version 5.3.0 server. The newest features however are present only in the Version 5.3.0 and newer client tools. Before implementing user-defined properties in a study, it is critical that all study users have updated to the Version 5.2.0 (or newer) client tools.

DFdiscover 2020 is now available

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