DF/Net Research 15 Year Anniversary

DF/Net Research 15 Year Anniversary
January 30, 2019 Eric Bosch

From our president, Lisa Ondrejcek on the eve of DF/Net Research's 15 year anniversary:

I’ve been looking out these windows for 15 years, and it never gets old. A few things change--we have a sturdier deck, there’s more moss on the roof of the building—but other things remain the same. The sun always rises to the east, albeit to the north some times of the year and to the south other times. I close and open my blinds to the change of seasons.

That’s how I feel about DF/Net. For sure we’re changing—we lose staff, we gain new staff; we're expanding our EDC options as our paper studies phase out—but in other ways things remain the same. Someone brings in treats but another person leaves their dirty dishes in the sink; we get excited by positive results from a study and worried when a client loses funding. The sun always rises and sets, sometimes to the north, sometimes to the south.

Thank you for being on this journey with us, and I’m excited to start our 16th year.