DF/Net Research Launches DFdiscover 2018

DF/Net Research Launches DFdiscover 2018
May 31, 2018 Eric Bosch

DFdiscover 2018, the most feature-rich release in the software’s history, will change the way our users interact with clinical trial data.

SEATTLE, WA, May 31, 2018 – DF/Net Research Inc., a leading data management solutions provider, today announced the release of DFdiscover 2018, a comprehensive and innovative update to their Clinical Data Management System (CDMS). An extensive list of new features and functionality will further enable DF/Net clients to realize and recognize the truth in their endeavors.

“Throughout our history we have participated in the evolution of data collection tools from paper to desktop to mobile. With this experience, we know where each tool is best applied and most efficient,” explained Eric Bosch, Director of Software Development at DF/Net. “It is very rewarding to develop and offer a product that seamlessly provides all of these solutions in one package, without additional overhead.”

DFdiscover’s hybrid approach to data collection allows clients to collect data by Electronic Data Capture (EDC), Paper CRFs, offline tablet, or any combination (EDC/Paper/Tablet) within the same study. New online/offline mobile capability shares the same study setup as the desktop environment – leading-edge functionality for remote data collection.

“Our clients are at the heart of this update. We work with organizations who are making a significant impact on global health through clinical trials. As a software provider, we take great pride in supporting these advances,” said Lisa Ondrejcek, President of DF/Net. “We look forward to seeing how DFdiscover 2018 will further enable their endeavors.”

This release marks a significant milestone for DF/Net. After 27 years of successfully serving clients, the company’s CDMS and flagship product, DataFax, has been re-imagined. DFdiscover 2018 combines the DataFax system that clients know and trust with new features and functionality guaranteed to enhance client experience.