From pivotal Phase III projects to exploratory feasibility studies, DF/Net provides solutions for non-profits. academic institutions. early-stage pharma. biotech.

Utilizing our hybrid data collection system we build proven systems that will work for your project. Whether it’s EDC in the United States, or multiple-language paper CRFs collected from remote areas of the world, DF/Net has experience in tailoring a solution to meet your specific needs.

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  • We continue to be impressed with the responsiveness and quality of work delivered by DF/Net. They are a valued and trusted partner.

Data Management and Data Analytics for Global Health

DF/Net has the proven global experience to meet the unique needs of our clients with international studies. As the owners and developers of DFdiscover, we understand the power of technology, but also are experienced enough to know that being flexible and adaptable is key. As a fully hybrid paper, EDC, online and offline tablet data collection tool, DFdiscover has proven to be a “works anywhere, anytime, and every time” solution for our global health partners.

Our international experience has been gained through our long-term relationships with many of the world’s leading research organizations including the Global Health Clinical Consortium (GHCC). DF/Net is pleased to be one of five preferred providers helping the GHCC partners combat diseases through vaccines, microbicides, preventatives, therapeutic products, and diagnostics. Since 2004, DF/Net has managed more than 140 studies in 18 disease areas across 34 countries, all using our flexible hybrid approach to data collection.

Our clients have chosen DF/Net based on our mutual desire to work together to improve lives around the world. The understanding of our role is reflected in our motto: “Helping people help people on a global scale.” Our size is our strength: it allows us to focus on our abilities; remain flexible to meet the needs of the clients; develop a high degree of personal commitment to our clients; and continue to do what we do best.

Every Study is Different

From pivotal Phase III projects to exploratory feasibility studies, DF/Net provides high-quality data management and data analytics solutions for our non-profit, academic, early-stage pharma and biotech clients. Utilizing our hybrid data collection, we build proven systems to support data collection, management, monitoring and reporting customized to work for your project. With support for EDC, paper, or online and offline tablets, DF/Net has experience in tailoring a data management solution to meet your specific needs. Having confidence in your data, our data analytics team can then provide further study specific statistical support and customized programming, so you can have confidence in your results.

Global Experience

We have managed data for more than 140 domestic and international Phase I through Phase IV trials with organizations that include:

  • Gladstone Institutes
  • International Partnership for Microbicides (IPM)
  • Infectious Disease Research Institute (IDRI)
  • Sabin Vaccine Institute
  • The Population Council
  • PATH
  • San Francisco Department of Public Health (SFDPH)
  • NIH Division of AIDS (DAIDS) HIV Vaccine Trials Network (HVTN)

Data Management Services

Data Management

Our DFdiscover data management system combines the best of both worlds, supporting traditional paper-based CRFs as well as providing full EDC capabilities.

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WHODrug Coding

DF/Net subscribes to the WHODrug Global dictionary to provide our clients with the industry-standard in drug coding.

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MedDRA Coding

DF/Net Research can provide MedDRA coding of adverse events, medical history, and other medical terms as needed, either as a service integrated into...

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Edit Checks

The DFdiscover data management system features an exhaustive edit check language that is used to validate data, calculate and insert values into data fields...

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Study Rescue

Is your current data management solution not performing as expected? DF/Net has extensive experience helping our clients through...

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Data Analytics Services

CDISC Strategy

DF/Net utilizes CDISC standards including CDASH, SDTM, and ADaM in order to help our clients accelerate their product development.

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Statistical Programming

DF/Net specializes in cost-effective, customized statistical programming solutions that are designed to meet client needs.

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Quality biostatistics support, from protocol review through the clinical study report, is an essential component of successful clinical...

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