DFdiscover 2018 Version 5.1.0

DFdiscover 2018 Version 5.1.0

DFdiscover 2018 Version 5.1.0 follows the success of DFdiscover 2018. It includes several new features, including new subject scheduling, demonstration API implementations in DFweb and DFcollect, enhancements to existing features and improved look-and-feel.

Supported Release

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5.1.0 - minor release - 2019/02/11

The 5.1.0 minor release includes:

  • Server-side RPM for Linux servers
  • MSI Installers for Windows clients
  • PKG installers for macOS clients
  • ATK for acceptance testing
  • Documentation in PDF, single-page and multi-page HTML

The Release Notes summarize the key features of DFdiscover 2018 Version 5.1.0, and include upgrade notes and known issues.

Version 5.1.0, 5.0.1 and 5.0.0 client tools are all compatible with a DFdiscover 2018 Version 5.1.0 server. The newest features however are present only in the Version 5.1.0 client tools.

Linux Server Download

Includes a full copy of the software for Novell openSUSE version 13.2 and newer, Leap 42.1 and newer, SUSE Tumbleweed
and Redhat Enterprise Linux up to version 7.2 and newer.

dfdiscover-5.1-0.x86_64.rpm (234 MB)

macOS Client Downloads

The macOS client tools are compatible with macOS 10.12 (Sierra) and newer. Note: On macOS 10.14 (Mojave), "dark mode" is not supported.

DFexplore only (137 MB)

DFsend only (86 MB)

DFexplore, DFsetup, DFadmin, DFbarcode, DFATK + command-line tools (DFattach, DFbatch, DFexport, DFpdfpkg, DFpass) (183 MB)

ATK - Acceptance Test Kit

The ATK study RPM is installed by the administrator on the DFdiscover server. The ATK manual in PDF and HTML format is available from the Documentation tab.

ATK study RPM (119 MB)


Errors, omissions and improvements to the documentation are applied regularly. Please check back for updated documentation.

Last Update: 2019/02/11

PDF Single page HTML Chunked HTML
Release Notes
DFexplore User Guide
DFsend User Guide
Study Setup User Guide
DFadmin System Administrator Guide
DFweb User Guide
DFcollect User Guide
Barcode User Guide
Programmer Guide
Software Installation Guide
Acceptance Test Kit


5.1.1 - patch release - 2019/02/28

dfdiscover-sp511.tar (2.5 MB)

This change corrects a bug in DFedcservice. In the specific case where a record with a level of 2 or higher is being saved back to level 1, it is possible for query records updated via the API to not save the new or updated text of a query reply.
The correction is available as a server-side patch. The patch is released as a tar image that contains DFedcservice only.
To install the patch:
  1. Download the tar image for the patch to /tmp. Then as super-user:
  2. # cd /opt/dfdiscover
  3. # tar xf /tmp/dfdiscover-sp511.tar
  4. # /opt/dfdiscover/SETPERMS

The patch can be installed on a live system. There is no requirement to restart the DFdiscover server.

DFws API Resources

The DFws API is available for customer application implementation.

Use of DFws requires:

  • a DFdiscover server that has the DFWS feature enabled in the license,
  • a unique set of DFWS credentials,
  • an optional DFws server.

Please  contact the software support team for assistance.

dfws-5.1-0.x86_64.rpm (59 MB) DFws Server RPM

PDF Single page HTML Chunked HTML
DFws API User Guide