DFdiscover Features

This is a recording of our webinar introducing DFdiscover 2018 Version 5.1.0.

The webinar starts with a review of the features first released in DFdiscover 2018 and continues with important new features including Dashboard Customization, Subject Schedule View, DFweb and DFcollect.

Hybrid data management: EDC, electronic sources, paper or all

Self- or cloud-hosted flexible licensing model

Fully Responsive and Device Agnostic

Online / offline tablet app

Simple, Easy-To-Use
and Intuitive

Extensive Toolset for Start to Finish Control

Professional Support and Maintenance

Application Programming Interface (API)

Advanced Quality Control and Subject Tracking

Upload and Manage CRFs, Study Documents and External Data

Commitment to Standards

Built-in Data Export and Import

Fine-grained, Role-based Permission Model

Powerful Edit Checks Language

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