DFengage – ePRO mobile solution

Improve Study Outcomes and Participant Experience with DFengage ePRO Mobile Solution

DFengage is a mobile-friendly ePRO app for iOS and Android that gives patients an easy-to-use tool to report their symptoms, daily outcomes and clinical trial observations, without the need to attend an in-person clinic visit.  DFengage participants can complete questionnaires, surveys and study diaries with the convenience of their mobile phone, in a location that suits them and on a schedule in sync with their daily events.

DFengage ePRO addresses your common study concerns

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How can I improve the safety and effectiveness of my study?

DFengage ePRO enables ongoing patient safety monitoring. Analyze aggregate data in real-time to assess study design effectiveness throughout your study. With DFengage ePRO, data is uploaded to your database automatically.

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How can I create strong patient relationships?

Regular app notifications encourage patients to respond promptly and draws them into a continuous state of engagement with your study. With DFengage ePRO, you will improve patient experience and care programs, reduce patient burden, and encourage adherence to therapy.

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How can I reduce study expenses?

Fewer visits means fewer scheduling (and re-scheduling) headaches for your sites. Your study will enjoy easier site recruitment.  DFengage ePRO will speed up clinical studies and accelerate the market arrival of new products or insights.

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How can I increase data quality?

DFengage ePRO reduces the risk of human error when responses are entered.

DFengage ePRO features


DFengage ePRO is integrated into DFdiscover, our 21 CFR Part 11-compliant EDC system. Participant login credentials are encrypted and secure.


Participant responses integrate real-time with your study’s data.


DFengage ePRO architecture supports branching logic, a variety of question types, and skipping. Tasks are dynamically generated.


Questionnaires can be long or short. Notification times can be fixed (set by your protocol) or flexible (set by participant).


The appealing look and feel improves participant compliance and study success.

How does DFengage ePRO work?


Download DFengage ePRO from Google Play or the App Store


Login using your personal, secure credentials


Receive a welcome message and instructions


Receive notification reminders and complete questionnaires

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