DFweb – DFdiscover in your browser

DFweb is a browser-based data collection and data review solution for the DFdiscover software suite. It leverages your existing browser, bringing the power of DFdiscover to desktop or mobile computers. It shares the same study data and data definition with the DFexplore desktop application and the DFcollect mobile solution, allowing each to be used simultaneously in differing environments.

DFweb Highlight Sheet
DFweb User Guide
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DFweb features include:

  • Support for all DFdiscover data types: numeric, text, choice, check, visual analog scale, time and date (including partial dates) data types
  • Available for all DFdiscover study definitions
  • Fast/Accurate Data Entry and Review
  • Online Study Help
  • Document Upload and Review
  • Query Creation, Review and Resolution
  • Responsive design for optimal appearance on different devices and screen sizes
  • Secure Communication over TLS with AES encryption
  • Fine-grained Permissions
  • Zero-install
  • No Custom Setup
  • Works with all browsers that support HTML5, including Microsoft Edge (79 and newer), Google Chrome (71 and newer), Mozilla Firefox (65 and newer), Opera (58 and newer) and macOS Safari (12.1 and newer).


DFweb is an application built to demonstrate the power and flexibility of the DFdiscover API. It is provided to all licensed clients on an as-is basis. DFweb may or may not be an appropriate tool for a specific clinical trial. Please consult with the clinical trial team to determine whether it meets study requirements and its use is permitted. DFweb, for example, does not (yet) support electronic signatures, lookup tables or study edit checks. For such trials, DFexplore is the correct tool.