DFweb Build History

DFweb is actively developed and maintained. Improvements, new features and bug fixes may be released on a schedule that is independent of DFdiscover major or minor releases. There is nothing to install to take advantage of the newest features.

2020/08/06 - DFweb Version 5.3.1

  • Bug fix for required and empty field outlines (red) that are not being displayed for new records on CRF plates having backgrounds
  • Bug fix for looping logout interaction in Firefox
  • While DF_open_patient_binder() edit checks are running, bug fixes to ensure these two interactions cannot cause unexpected exits:
    • the user clicks on another visit or a plate in another visit,
    • the user presses tab.

2020/07/09 - DFweb Version 5.3.0

  • Support for new subject aliases
  • Two-factor authentication has been added to DFweb’s login
  • Field background colours can now include transparency
  • DFNEED_RESET can now be used with dfneed edit checks
  • DFweb has been completely updated to Angular 8, giving better load and interaction speeds, and paving the way for more amazing updates

2019/11/20 - DFweb Version 5.2.0

  • Advanced choice field layout for eCRFs - DFweb shows choice fields as dropdowns or radio buttons according to the study setup
  • Paper CRFs added to accommodate more flexible and advanced CRF layouts
  • Full edit checks functionality except dfpref(), dfprefinfo(), dflookup(), dftask(), dfaddmpqc(), dfanympqc(), dfdelmpqc(), dflostcode(), and dflosttext()
  • Resume previous session
  • Improved handling of tablet-sized screens
  • Fix dfstay() unexpected termination when used in field exit edit checks
  • Bug fixes in dfgetseq() and dfmoduleinfo() edit check behavior
  • Fixes and improvements

2019/03/12 - DFweb Version 5.1.2

  • Updated to append the file format as an extension if the source filename of a managed document does not have the same extension
  • Corrected a bug wherein the Modified Values dialog could  incorrectly attribute modified values to the wrong fields
  • A user without approve reason permission could, incorrectly, add a new reason with approved status
  • Some properties in metadata dialogs were not properly disabled when the corresponding data field was not accessible
  • When auto-logout occurred, the connection to the API and study servers was not always closed immediately
  • DFweb could hang if auto logout was triggered while the user was in the new password dialog

2019/01/29 - DFweb Version 5.1.0, First Release

  • Hosted through https://dfweb.dfdiscover.com
  • Data entry / data review for all DFdiscover data types
  • Full query management including creation, review and resolution
  • Supports reason for data value
  • Full implementation of fine-grained permissions
  • Support for document upload and review
  • New and edited records, queries and reasons are saved to DFdiscover level 1
  • Edit checks, lookup tables and eSignature module are not implemented