What is DFdiscover?

DFdiscover is our reliable, flexible, mature, and scalable data management software system for clinical trials data. We develop it, we use it for every clinical trial at DF/Net and we license it to clients who desire ultimate control over, unrestricted access to, and trust in the source of, their data.

A Brief History

DFdiscover is the embodiment of our expertise and wisdom over 20+ years of collecting, reviewing and analyzing clinical trials data. Starting in the early 1990s as DataFax, the software was ground-breaking in it's ability to receive faxed CRFs, apply character recognition to "read" data from each CRF and then manage the data together with it's source document. Having a centralized image of every CRF that was available for data entry and review had an immediate impact on the speed and quality of data collection. No longer did data entry have to wait for postal or courier deliveries, or worry about N-part NCR paper. It also increased the trust in the data - you could see the source of the data together with the data.

Complete the CRFs during the subject visit, transmit them via a fax machine and within minutes see the CRF image and data in the DataFax software at the central project office. Errors and trends in submitted data could be identified immediately, making it possible to deploy targeted CRF completion training if needed, or developing amended CRFs to ensure that questions could be answered accurately the first time, with very few data queries. Seeing the data together with its source created ultimate trust in the data and confidence in the results.


We continue to constantly evolve DataFax, developing additional data collection, monitoring and review tools. In 2016, recognizing that our software was increasingly being used to collect data in many different ways beyond fax, we removed fax from our name and re-branded DataFax to DFdiscover.

The software continues to accept CRFs via fax, and also accepts CRFs via email or from document scanners, imported data from external lab sources, and EDC data directly with our tablet application or our browser interface. Our Release Highlights document showcases the  features and improvements that are in the software.

Today the goal of our software is still the same - connect people with their data by giving them tools that are easy to use, tools that place the data within easy grasp. We use DFdiscover ourselves, for small trials and really large, long-term trials, so we feel that need for connection to data every day. And we leverage that connection to make our software better and better with every release, sharing those advances with our software and services clients.

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