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DF/Net offers training in all aspects of DFdiscover. Training is available in several formats: webinar, classroom, or on-site.


Webinars provide an opportunity to receive training without the need to leave the office. Webinars are delivered live and also recorded for subsequent review by attendees. Webinars are typically delivered in short, frequent sessions.

Upcoming Webinars

None scheduled at this time.

Completed Webinars

2020/06/30: Introducing DFdiscover 2020 | Recording | Presentation Materials

2020/05/28: ePRO using DFengage | Recording | Presentation Materials

2020/04/14: Remote monitoring and source document collection in DFdiscover | Recording | Presentation Materials

2020/03/24: Improving data management processes with user-defined properties in DFdiscover | Recording | Presentation Materials

2019/10/24: Using Batch Edit Checks in DFdiscover | Recording | Presentation Materials

2019 Summer: Edit Checks Training | Modules One through Four [redirect to]


Classroom style training is provided in our Seattle and Dundas offices. Students enjoy face-to-face learning with the instructor and in-person collaboration with other students. Class sizes are small (typically less than 10 students) and there is ample opportunity for hands-on exploration of the class content.

Upcoming webinars

DFdiscover Web API Training: Date TBD | Outline | Location: DF/Net Software, Dundas, Ontario, Canada | Cost: US$ 1000

Pre-requisites: Thorough understanding of DFdiscover concepts, Programming experience, ideally in web-development using PHP and/orJavascript.Synopsis:

Students will leave this 2-day course with a solid understanding of the DFdiscover Web API, how it can be used to build solutions that further leverage DFdiscover, and first-hand experience building a sample solution that can be deployed in their environment. Further information is available in the outline.

Registration: To register, complete and submit the registration form.


On-site training can be a cost-effective solution for content customized for your organization. DF/Net trainers will travel to your preferred location for group training of 1 to 20+ attendees.

Please contact us. We will work with you to deliver training at your location, on your schedule.

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