Table of Contents

1. Getting Help
2. Conventions

DFcollect is a tablet-based app for data collection in support of a DFdiscover study.

1. Getting Help

DF/Net Research, Inc.'s Technical Support Department can be contacted Monday to Friday between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm Eastern Time via any of the following methods:

55 Head Street, Suite 403
DundasOntario  L9H 3H8
Telephone: (905) 522-3282

2. Conventions

A number of conventions have been used throughout this document.

Any freestanding sections of code are generally shown like this:

# this is example code
code = code + overhead;

If a line starts with # or %, this character denotes the system prompt and is not typed by the user.

Text may also have several styles:

  • Emphasized words are shown as follows: emphasized words.

  • Filenames appear in the text like so: dummy.c.

  • Code, constants, and literals in the text appear like so: main.

  • Variable names appear in the text like so: nBytes.

  • Text on user interface labels or menus is shown as: Printer name, while buttons in user interfaces are shown as Cancel.

  • Menus and menu items are shown as: File > Exit.