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Release 5.3.0

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Jul 09, 2020


This guide describes the standard DFdiscover reports that are distributed with DFdiscover. Synopses and detailed descriptions are provided for each report.

Table of Contents

1. Getting Help
2. Conventions
1. Introduction
1.1. Restrictions
2. Reference Pages
2.1. Organization of Reference Pages
2.1.1. Name
2.1.2. Synopsis
2.1.3. Description
2.1.4. Options
2.1.5. Examples
2.1.6. See Also
2.1.7. Limitations
2.2. Alphabetical Listing, DFdiscover Reports
DF_DatabaseDefinition — Database Definition
DF_DataEntryTimeTrend — Data Entry Time Trend
DF_Enrollment — Enrollment by Site
DF_InboundTraffic — Inbound Traffic
DF_PlateStatus — Plate Status
DF_QueryReport — Query Report
DF_QueryStatusTrend — Query Status Trend
DF_QueryTimeTrend — Query Time Trend
DF_QueryUpdate — Query Update
DF_SBhistory — History of Changes
DF_SBschedule — Subject Schedule of Visits
DF_SBunexpected — Subject Unexpected Visits
DF_SBaliasmap — Subject Alias Map
DF_SBaliaslog — History of Subject Alias
DF_SSsites — Site Definition
DF_STcrfs — CRFs by Site
DF_STqueries — Queries by Site
DF_STvisits — Visits by Site
DF_Status — Status and Level Summary
DF_queriesbyfield — Queries by Field
2.3. Alphabetical Listing, Legacy Reports
DF_ATcrfs — Track keys associated with a CRF page over time
DF_ATfaxes — Trace validation history of each page in selected documents
DF_ATmods — Trace database modifications over a time period
DF_CTcrfs — Summary report of records received from each site
DF_CTpages — Summary report of CRF pages received during a specified time period.
DF_CTqcs — Summary report of external queries for each site
DF_CTvisits — Number of subjects who have reached each visit at each site
DF_ICcenters — Verify consistency of the sites database
DF_ICimages — Verify image references against data records
DF_ICkeys — Check key fields (id,visit,plate) and subject initials
DF_ICqcs — Check queries for consistency with data records
DF_ICrecords — Check data records for structural inconsistencies
DF_ICschema — Check database schema for common errors and inconsistencies
DF_ICvisitdates — List problems detected by the last execution of DF_XXkeys
DF_ICvisitmap — Report inconsistencies and errors in the study visit map
DF_PTcrfs — Display available CRF information for subjects
DF_PTlist — List subject data grouped by subject ID and visit number
DF_PTmissing — Display missing pages and overdue visits
DF_PTqcs — Summary report of external queries for each subject
DF_PTschedule — Display subject scheduling information from DF_QCreports
DF_PTunexpected — List unexpected data records found in the study database
DF_PTvisits — Scheduling and status of all cycles & visits in the visit map
DF_QCfax — Fax or email Query Reports
DF_QCfaxlog — Examine the transmission date/time and status of faxed/emailed Query Reports
DF_QCprint — Print Query Reports
DF_QCreports — Create Query Reports
DF_QCsent — Mark Query Reports as sent
DF_QCstatus — List existing Query Reports
DF_QCupdate — Update Query database
DF_QCview — Display requested Query Reports
DF_SScenters — Display study site information
DF_SSschema — Display detailed data dictionary information
DF_SSvars — Display essential variable information from data dictionary
DF_SSvisitmap — List visit scheduling specifications for a study
DF_WFcrfs — Summary of daily journal transactions for CRF validation
DF_WFcrfsperwk — List and graph incoming fax traffic
DF_WFdiskusage — List and graph weekly disk usage
DF_WFfaxes — Summary of elapsed time to 1st validation
DF_WFqcs — Summary of daily journal transactions for queries
DF_XXkeys — Export keys and visit dates from required plates
DF_XXtime — Prepare timing summary files for other reports
DF_qcsbyfield — Tabulate and summarize queries by category
DF_stats — Display simple variable statistics for a single plate
A. Copyrights - Acknowledgments
A.1. External Software Copyrights
A.1.1. DCMTK software package
A.1.2. Jansson License
A.1.3. Mimencode
A.1.4. RSA Data Security, Inc., MD5 message-digest algorithm
A.1.5. mpack/munpack
A.1.6. TIFF
A.1.7. PostgreSQL
A.1.8. OpenSSL License
A.1.9. Original SSLeay License
A.1.10. gawk
A.1.11. Ghostscript
A.1.12. MariaDB and FreeTDS
A.1.13. QtAV
A.1.14. FFmpeg
A.1.15. c3.js
A.1.16. d3.js