Software Installation Guide

Release 5.1.0

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Feb 01, 2019


This guide is a step-by-step description of the procedures required to install DFdiscover.

Table of Contents

1. Getting Help
2. DFdiscover Mailing List
3. Conventions
1. Introduction
1.1. Software Release
1.2. Installation Worksheet
2. DFdiscover Software Installation
2.1. Staffing
2.2. Before Installation
2.3. Installation Materials
2.4. Installation
2.4.1. Migrate User Permissions
2.4.2. Linux Installation Instructions
2.4.3. Request and Install Server Certificate
2.4.4. Request and Install DFdiscover License
2.4.5. Migrate pre-2014 studies
2.5. Installation Completed
3.1. HylaFAX Configuration
3.2. Preparatory Steps
3.3. Modem Definition
3.4. HylaFAX Configuration
3.5. Starting HylaFAX
3.6. Confirm HylaFAX status
3.7. Periodic Maintenance
4. DFdiscover Configuration
4.1. Define DFdiscover capable printer
4.2. Start DFdiscover
4.3. (Re-)configure DFdiscover Master
4.4. Configure Incoming and Outgoing Processes
4.5. Configuration Complete
5. Integration Testing
5.1. Receiving Faxes
5.2. Printing from DFdiscover
5.3. Faxing from DFdiscover
6. Study Installation
6.1. A DFdiscover study
6.2. Installing the study
7. DFdiscover Acceptance Test Kit (ATK) Installation
8. Client Desktop Packages Installation
8.1. Windows client packages installation [PK01]
8.1.1. Requirements
8.1.2. Installation
8.2. DFdiscover barcoding plug-in for FrameMaker® installation [PK02]
8.2.1. Requirements
8.2.2. Installation
8.2.3. FrameMaker® Configuration
9. Installation Completion
10. DFdiscover Installation Worksheet
10.1. DFdiscover Software Installation
10.1.1. Staffing
10.1.2. Before Installation
10.1.3. Installation Materials
10.1.4. Installation for Linux Systems
10.1.5. Migrate User Permissions (upgrade install, from versions older than 3.8, only)
10.1.6. Request and Install Server Certificate
10.1.7. Request and Install DFdiscover License
10.1.8. Migration of pre-2014 studies
10.2. HylaFAX Configuration
10.2.1. Preparatory Steps
10.2.2. HylaFAX Configuration
10.2.3. Starting HylaFAX
10.2.4. Confirm HylaFAX status
10.2.5. Periodic Maintenance
10.3. DFdiscover Configuration
10.4. Start DFdiscover
10.5. (Re-)configure DFdiscover Master
10.6. Configure Incoming and Outgoing Daemons
10.7. Integration Testing
10.7.1. Receiving Faxes
10.7.2. Printing from DFdiscover
10.7.3. Faxing from DFdiscover
10.8. Study Installation
10.8.1. Installing the study
10.9. DFdiscover Acceptance Test Kit (ATK) Installation
10.10. Client Desktop Package Installation
10.11. Installation Completion
10.12. Completion Sign-off
A. Copyrights - Acknowledgments
A.1. External Software Copyrights
A.1.1. DCMTK software package
A.1.2. Jansson License
A.1.3. HylaFAX Facsimile Software
A.1.4. Mimencode
A.1.5. RSA Data Security, Inc., MD5 message-digest algorithm
A.1.6. mpack/munpack
A.1.7. TIFF
A.1.8. PostgreSQL
A.1.9. OpenSSL License
A.1.10. Original SSLeay License
A.1.11. gawk
A.1.12. Ghostscript
A.1.13. MariaDB and FreeTDS
A.1.14. QtAV
A.1.15. FFmpeg
A.1.16. c3.js
A.1.17. d3.js