DFweb User Guide

Release 5.3.0

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Jul 09, 2020


This guide describes the DFweb application.

The instructions are intended to describe, in general terms, how data entry tasks are performed using DFweb. The guidance provided here is not meant to replace more specific instructions which may be provided by the sponsor, principal investigator or coordinating site for a particular trial.

Table of Contents

1. Getting Help
2. Conventions
1. Introduction
1.1. What is DFweb?
1.2. Compatible Browsers
1.3. Capabilities
1.4. Getting Started
1.4.1. Login Page
1.4.2. Two-Factor Authentication
1.4.3. Cookies
1.4.4. Session Timeout
1.4.5. Logging Out
1.5. Terminology
2. Data Entry
2.1. Main Application Pages
2.1.1. Overall Application Appearance
2.1.2. Studies Page
2.1.3. Sites Page
2.1.4. Subjects Page
2.1.5. Subject Binder
2.2. Entering Data / Completing a Record
2.2.1. Data Entry Aids
2.2.2. Data Types
2.2.3. Missing Data
2.2.4. Edit Checks
2.2.5. Saving Data
2.2.6. Reset Page
2.3. Responsive Elements
2.3.1. Sidebar Visibility
2.3.2. Field Arrangment
2.4. Menus
2.4.1. Application Menu
2.4.2. CRF Menu
2.5. Dialogs
2.5.1. Alert Dialogs
2.5.2. Confirmation Dialogs
2.5.3. Study Help Dialog
2.5.4. CRF Help Dialog
2.5.5. Modified Values Dialog
2.5.6. Attach Documents Dialog
2.5.7. Change Password Dialog
2.5.8. Add Subject Dialog
2.5.9. Query Dialogs
2.5.10. Reason Dialogs
2.5.11. Missing Value Code Dialog
2.5.12. Error Dialogs
3. Metadata
3.1. Locating Metadata
3.2. Queries
3.2.1. Add Query
3.2.2. Edit Query
3.2.3. Reply to Query
3.2.4. Delete Query
3.2.5. Multiple Queries Dialog
3.3. Add a Data Reason
3.4. Mark a Data Value as Missing
3.5. Resolving Queries
3.6. Managing Documents
3.6.1. Supported Document Types
3.6.2. Reviewing Documents
3.6.3. Adding Documents
3.6.4. Downloading Documents
3.7. Sharing Links
A. Copyrights - Acknowledgments
A.1. External Software Copyrights
A.1.1. DCMTK software package
A.1.2. Jansson License
A.1.3. Mimencode
A.1.4. RSA Data Security, Inc., MD5 message-digest algorithm
A.1.5. mpack/munpack
A.1.6. TIFF
A.1.7. PostgreSQL
A.1.8. OpenSSL License
A.1.9. Original SSLeay License
A.1.10. gawk
A.1.11. Ghostscript
A.1.12. MariaDB and FreeTDS
A.1.13. QtAV
A.1.14. FFmpeg
A.1.15. c3.js
A.1.16. d3.js