Reliable eClinical software that easily adapts to your study, trial phase and data collection needs

DFdiscover is a comprehensive hybrid CDMS that harmonizes multi-source data – including EDC, paper data and multi-format attachments. Seamlessly integrated extensions let you collect data from on/offline tablet data and an ePRO mobile app.

DFdiscover Basic

Designed for small teams or single site studies that want a powerful data collection and analytics solution that fits their budget.


DFdiscover Global

Built for maximum flexibility of multi-center studies. Web-based data capture from any source is instantly available in a centralized real-time platform.

DFdiscover Global Extension


Tablet-based (iOS and Android) solution for truly global data collection that lets you easily collect data from sites with limited connectivity. Offline tablet entries are automatically entered into the central CDMS platform as soon as devices go back online.


Beautifully designed ePRO solution for remote participant engagement on Android + iOS devices. Reduce clinic visits + scheduling headaches and improve study outcomes. Responses are automatically harmonized with other study data. Available as a one-off license or volume based subscription.

We can help you decide which combination best fits your needs

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