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This privacy policy is in effect starting May 25th, 2018 and was most recently updated February 24th, 2021.

Your privacy is very important at DF/Net Research, Inc and DF/Net Software ULC (collectively known as DFnet). You should feel confident that your personal information is both protected and respected and only used for the purposes outlined below. We aim to follow all current laws and regulations for data protection at all times.

All personal data processed in the context of your relationship with DFnet is used to provide, perform and improve the services that we provide you. Information about you is directly or indirectly disclosed by you or by your company in a variety of ways, such as when registering for an account on our website, joining our DFUG mailing list, registering for services such as webinars, conferences, and trainings, or when you contact our support team to access DFnet services.

Privacy and Security Measures
We use a variety of technical and organizational security measures to protect your information. This includes routine employee training and instruction on how to handle all personal data to adequately meet current laws and regulations.

We never give, share, sell, or transfer any personal information to a third party beyond our DFnet companies, other than subcontractors performing activities directly related to providing support and delivering our services to you.

Data We Collect
Our website uses cookies for general tracking purposes and for data analytics to help us improve our website’s performance and content.  If you sign up for the DFUG mailing list, a website account, or request more information through one of our contact forms, we may obtain information such as name, address, telephone number, email address, and other information needed to provide the information you request.

If you follow, contribute to a discussion, or like us on one of our social media sites, your name and links to details that you have disclosed as part of your membership may be visible to others who use the site.

Our internal accounting system stores the official company name, contact person, and billing address of each customer, and contains a list of user names and emails in order to generate updates, invoices, quotes, and licenses.

We may use our website to post and process notices for webinars, trainings, and user group conferences. We collect contact information, including name, address, telephone and email address to provide these services to you. Credit card information is processed through a third party and is not retained by DFnet.

Why We Collect This Data
We collect this information solely to provide the services requested. For example, if you sign up to the DFUG mailing list, or request an account on our website, we need your email address, and potentially other information, to provide those services. The same is true for support requests or other inquiries. We need basic personal information to deliver the services requested.

We may pool data together for statistical reasons to improve and develop our operations, website, products and services. We also use third party cookies from trusted providers such as Google Analytics, including analysis of usage, to help us improve our website.

We may also collect data to fulfill a DFnet legal obligation as outlined by our contract with your organization; for example, a name and address for invoice remittance.

Your Rights
You have the right to request information about any personal information relating to you which is held by us as a data controller, free of charge once a year, regardless of how this information is gathered. Requests for such information must be made in writing to:

DF/Net Research, Inc.
140 Lakeside Ave, Ste 310
Seattle, WA 98122 USA

Corrections and Objections
If your personal data is handled in opposition to current laws relating to personal data, you have the right to ask that the personal data be provided, corrected, blocked or deleted.

You also have the right to recall your personal data at any time. Note however, that a recall of this type will mean that you may no longer be able to use the related DFnet services. For example, if you opt out of the DFUG mailing list, you will no longer be able to receive those emails automatically from the system. Please note that that you may have access to DFnet services as part of your employment with an organization that has an agreement with DFnet. For example, if you are the person that receives new licenses, and request that your personal information no longer be used, your organization may stop receiving new licenses as expected.

If you object to the way in which we are processing your data, you need to specify what your objections are. If we claim legitimate interest in spite of your objection, we need to prove that our needs to process your personal data override your rights. If the data are processed due to direct marketing you always have the right to object.

Right to be Forgotten
DFnet saves data only as long as it is needed. When the purpose of the processing of your personal data is met we will delete the data. For example, when you unsubscribe to the mailing list, or ask to be removed as a website user, we will delete that data.

We store statistics from the traffic data to our website for the purpose of improving our website services. To limit damage to and protect you from internet fraud, we save IP addresses so that we can search, block, and delete addresses and messages as a way to prevent the spread of viruses, spam and trojans.

Email conversations with DFnet Support may be stored to track common problems and solutions, and to aid in solving other client’s support questions. Support information is not externally shared across clients, unless authorized by the client.

How to Contact Us 
DFnet acts both as controller and processor under GDPR. DFnet is only responsible for personal information access requests in its role as a controller. Requests for information about, correction or deletion of your data must be sent in writing to:

DF/Net Research, Inc.
140 Lakeside Ave, Ste 310
Seattle, WA 98118 USA

We regularly review and update this privacy policy. If there are any changes to this privacy policy, we will post them on our website so that you are completely aware of how the changes will affect you.

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