DFdiscover System Administration Guide

Release 5.2.0

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Nov 01, 2019

Table of Contents

1. Getting Help
2. Conventions
1. Introduction
1.1. About This Guide
1.2. DFdiscover System Overview
1.3. Software Versions
1.4. Client/Server Terminology
1.5. Daemons and Other Background Processes
1.5.1. Master Daemon
1.5.2. Study Server
1.5.3. EDC server
1.5.4. Inbound Server
1.5.5. Outbound Server
1.6. DFdiscover System Limits
2. Security
2.1. Introduction
2.2. Secure Communication
2.3. User Authentication
2.4. Filesystem Permissions
2.5. PDF Encryption Password
2.6. DFdiscover System-Level Permissions
2.7. DFdiscover Study-Level Permissions
2.7.1. Impact of Database Access Restrictions on Standard Reports
2.7.2. Impact of Database Access Restrictions on Edit checks
2.8. Filesystem Permissions
3. Getting Started with DFadmin
3.1. Starting DFadmin
3.2. DFdiscover System Administration Tasks
4. DFadmin - License
4.1. Introduction
4.2. DFadmin's License Tab
4.3. Entering and Reviewing License Information
4.3.1. Password Restricted Values
4.3.2. Password Independent Values
4.3.3. Applying Changes
4.4. License Expiry
4.5. Updating License Information without DFadmin or DFserveradmin
4.6. Reviewing License Usage Statistics
5. DFadmin - Master
5.1. Introduction
5.2. Starting DFdiscover
5.3. Stopping DFdiscover
5.3.1. Forcing DFdiscover to shutdown
5.4. Configuring the DFdiscover master
6. DFadmin - Studies
6.1. Introduction
6.2. Study Numbers
6.3. Study Directories
6.4. Studies view
6.5. Adding a New Study
6.6. Deleting a Study
6.7. Modifying an Existing Study
6.8. Watermarks
7. DFadmin - Roles
7.1. Introduction
7.2. The Roles tab
7.3. Adding a New Role
7.4. Copying and Pasting a Role
7.5. Deleting a role
7.6. Tools & Reports
7.6.1. DFexplore Views
7.6.2. DFexplore Print/Save
7.6.3. DFexplore Miscellaneous
7.6.4. Server
7.6.5. Setup
7.7. Auto Logout
7.8. Database Permissions
7.8.1. Adding Database Permission
7.8.2. Deleting Database Permission
7.8.3. Modifying Existing Study Roles
7.9. Assign Roles to Users
7.10. Import
7.11. Export
8. DFadmin - Users
8.1. Introduction
8.2. The Users tab
8.3. Adding a New User
8.4. Duplicating an Existing User
8.5. Deleting an Existing User
8.6. Filtering Users
8.7. Permissions
8.7.1. Adding Study Permissions
8.7.2. Deleting Study Permissions
8.7.3. Modifying Study Permissions
8.8. User and Session Settings
8.8.1. Sharing Settings File(s)
8.9. Import
8.10. Export
9. DFadmin - Status
9.1. Introduction
9.2. Changing Study Status
10. DFadmin - Traffic
10.1. Introduction
10.2. How incoming documents are processed
10.3. Outgoing Documents
10.4. Inbound
10.4.1. Modifying Inbound Configuration
10.4.2. Enable/Disable Inbound
10.4.3. Enable/Disable High Definition (HD) Imaging
10.5. Outbound Service
10.5.1. Modifying Outbound Configuration
10.5.2. Start/Stop Outbound
10.6. Auto Reply
10.7. Registered Sites Database
10.8. Fax receipt for registered sites
11. DFserveradmin
11.1. Introduction
11.2. Master
11.3. Request an SSL certificate signing
11.3.1. Installing a Signed Certificate
11.4. License
11.5. Study Spaces
11.6. Study Diagnostics
11.7. Study Permissions
12. Periodic Maintenance
12.1. Introduction
12.2. Disk Maintenance
12.2.1. Monitoring and planning future disk needs
12.3. Disaster Planning and backup/recovery procedures
12.3.1. Replicating your server to another location
12.3.2. Disk backup and recovery procedures
12.4. Archive File Maintenance
12.5. Study Maintenance
12.5.1. Going live with a DFdiscover study
12.5.2. Monitoring study directory permissions
12.5.3. Cleaning the study work directory
12.5.4. Cleaning the study Query Reports directory
12.5.5. Procedures for archiving a DFdiscover study
12.5.6. Retrieving lost CRF images
12.6. DFdiscover Study Consistency
12.6.1. DF_ICrecords
12.6.2. DF_ICimages
12.6.3. DF_ICqcs
12.7. System Maintenance
12.7.1. Certificate Info
12.7.2. Truncating DFdiscover log files
12.7.3. Files to not prune
12.7.4. Truncating HylaFAX log files
12.7.5. Conclusion
13. Troubleshooting
13.1. Introduction
13.2. System Error Log
13.2.1. Message Format
13.3. Login Error Messages
13.4. Locks
13.4.1. /opt/dfdiscover/work/DFmaster.rpcd.lock
13.4.2. /tmp/DFslave.rpcd.hostname.lock
13.5. Diagnosing a study server
13.6. Troubleshooting Techniques
13.6.1. Check for DFdiscover or system error messages
13.6.2. Permissions: does the problem occur as user datafax?
13.6.3. Permissions: are the DFdiscover application permissions correct?
13.6.4. Which step of a shell-script is failing?
13.7. Other troubleshooting areas
13.7.1. Database server process cannot be started
13.7.2. Faxed CRF pages are missing, or partially processed faxes are found in an incoming daemon work directory
13.8. Recovering from a Power Failure
13.9. Recovering from a full Filesystem
13.9.1. Interaction with HylaFAX
13.10. DFdiscover System Administration Tool
13.10.1. Auto Logout
13.10.2. DFdiscover server not responding
14. DFdiscover System Files
14.1. Introduction
14.2. DFdiscover system directories
14.3. Format used to describe files
14.4. DFdiscover system configuration files
14.5. DFdiscover system work files
A. Copyrights - Acknowledgments
A.1. External Software Copyrights
A.1.1. DCMTK software package
A.1.2. Jansson License
A.1.3. Mimencode
A.1.4. RSA Data Security, Inc., MD5 message-digest algorithm
A.1.5. mpack/munpack
A.1.6. TIFF
A.1.7. PostgreSQL
A.1.8. OpenSSL License
A.1.9. Original SSLeay License
A.1.10. gawk
A.1.11. Ghostscript
A.1.12. MariaDB and FreeTDS
A.1.13. QtAV
A.1.14. FFmpeg
A.1.15. c3.js
A.1.16. d3.js